Health & Saftey Policy


Health and Safety Policy


WK Plasterers Ltd – Health and Safety Policy

WK Plasterers Ltd is fully committed to the objective of accident prevention by providing safeworkplaces for all employees, sub-subcontractors and other persons who may be affected by its activities. It is also mindful of the need to avoid damage to its property and equipment and its responsibility to protect the environment.

An Integrated Management System (IMS) has been established that complies with the British Standard BS OHSAS 18001: 2007. This promotes a culture of occupational health & safety protection in all Company systems and procedures, under the direction of the senior management team and with the support of all employees and supply chain partners.

WK Plasterers Ltd is committed to comply with all relevant health and safety legislation as a minimum achievement level and to continually improve health and safety performance through appropriate initiatives, controls, provision of resources and training of employees.

Management objectives and targets are established and reviewed on a regular basis to implement the Health & Safety Policy. These include:

  • Setting annual targets towards a zero accident rate

  • Identifying and assessing hazards and applying the necessary control measures in a consistent manner at all times

  • Ensuring that employees receive appropriate training so that they are able to carry out their duties in a safe and efficient way

  • Providing suitable supervision along with the necessary instruction and information

  • Arranging for comprehensive and effective consultation between the Directors and employees regarding all matters concerning Health and Safety at work

  • Incorporating health and safety considerations in the design of products and services, monitoring and reviewing Health and Safety activities on a regular basis and implementing any necessary improvements

    WK Plasterers Ltd recognises the requirement for all employees and sub-subcontractors to be fully committed to the application of the provisions of this policy.  Full support will be given continuously to all personnel so that a positive attitude to Health and Safety matters will be maintained.


    Matthew Kathrens

    Commercial Director

About Us

Kathrens Holdings was formed in 2007 as a Holding company for WK Plasterers Ltd  and it's associate Company,Carbis Properties Ltd. WK Plasterers Ltd  was set up in 1971 providing operatives to the Volume New Build Sector.

The Group has then developed further by adding the subsiduaries, KEEBS & Carbis Partnership Homes.

Through recent years the company has pushed into new areas of trade with a key emphasis on the Enhancement And Upgrading of Traditional Build Systems by using novel and innovative solutions.

All Operations are orchestrated from Head Office based in Pontypridd South Wales with a annual turnover in excess of 14 million a year and over 6 million of assets Kathrens Holdings has forged a strong position within its core activity within South Wales and West of England. 

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